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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    Urshelsky glass factory.

    RUSSIAN HOP 0.5 l., 1972
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  • The mug was made at the Urshelsky glass factory in 1972. On the side of the mug there is an inscription ''РУССКИЙ ХМЕЛЬ'' (RUSSIAN HOP). Along the perimeter of the mug it wrapped in hops. Casting is made with high quality, with a clear drawing of the ornament and inscriptions. All drawings, inscriptions, stamp of metrological verification, designation of volume and marking of the producer on a mug are executed by molding.
    Volume designation 0.5 liters and the verification stamp are visible on the rim of the mug. At the bottom of the mug - the logo of the manufacturer and the price is 35 k. The label of the filling level is the rim. The top diameter of the mug is oval in shape, on a large oval 116.5 mm., On a small one 97 mm. The bottom diameter is 70 mm. Height is 123 mm., Weight is 565 grams.


Very colorful mug, relating us to the pre-revolutionary mugs. On the mug, just below the rim, in front of the handle is a hexagonal shield in the Russian style, on which there is an inscription «РУССКИЙ ХМЕЛЬ» (RUSSIAN HOP). Written in two lines.


From the top of the handle the branches of a hop grow, as it were, which cover the whole mug. On both sides of the scute, there are palm-shaped leaves and hop cones extending from the branches. Because of what the handle itself in this place is thickened and represents the stem of the plant. In the lower bottom part of the circle in the upper ring there are winding branches. In the second ring from above - the fruit of the nut and the flowers of the hops.

Casting is made with high quality clear drawing patterns and inscriptions.

This item makes us remember that a beer mug can be not only a measure of volume, but also a work of art. Looking at it, we remember that the Urshelsky glass factory named after the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution takes its history from the Urshelsky crystal factory of Yuri Stepanovich Nechaev-Maltsev.

The photo number 9 shows a beer mug "hop" from Nikolo-Bakhmetyevsky plant, which was owned by Prince Obolensky. (The photo of the "hop" mug was published with the permission of the owner of this mug.) In photo No. 8 of the "Russian Hop" mug of 1972 next to the Urshelian beer mug of the same year, but with drawings on it at the same time.

At the same time appeared mugs "Vladimir", "Suzdal" and others. This probably shows the time when the country recovered after the war, and besides simply and necessary items, people reached for the beautiful. And the plant began to produce products according to the request.

Not many people know that the Russian hop "Serebryanka" became the ancestor of the legendary hop "Cascade". In the 1970s, American brewers experimented with hops, which could give a citrus flavor, which in the future gave impetus to the world craft revolution. But few people know that the work of USSR scientists who were engaged in the cultivation and selection of hops contributed to this.

Most of the USSR hops were grown in Chuvashia. It was there that appeared one of the iconic varieties for craft beer.

Hop "Serebryanka" - Chuvash hops, which has a strawberry, herbal and citrus aroma. It was this hop that inspired scientists from Oregon to create the famous “Cascade” hop - a hop with citrus notes that the craft brewers popularized so much!

“Cascade” - hop - the founder of the hop revolution in America. He resurrected the dry hopping method lost at that time and gave a start to the new American IPA beer. In the late 80s, a little less than 20,000 hectares were used for planting hops in Chuvashia, and now about 2500.

But every year the areas occupied by hops are restored, the number of industrially grown varieties increases. Perhaps the time is not so far when we can all drink beer from Russian malt and hops.


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