Russian Beer mug

Пивные и квасные кружки СССР

About a beer mug and our catalog

This site was created in order to present a small part of Soviet Union’s glass work, namely beer and kvass mugs.

Despite its simplicity and utilitarian value, this item became for many people the object which they wanted to keep as an inanimate witness of the best minutes of their inspiration or candid confessions. Having added it to our collection of favourite things, we sometimes get back to it, fill it and try to capture reflections of the feelings and emotions which came over us in different times, when the soul was kinder, friends were closer, problems didn’t seem insurmountable, and the head was overflowing with plans and creativity.

Today the mug has become a collectable item. And when we were examining some large collections, we understood that they present the mug as a witness, with whom the people of the big country celebrated events of their life and welcomed victories, reflected on their problems, lived though disappointments and got inspired with new hopes.

We concluded that the catalogue of these mugs deserved to be published and would be interesting to a large number of collectors of glassware.

We hope that the catalogue will help many aspiring collectors. It is constantly being replenished with your help.

Articles of daily use, having been only recently handled, are going away into the past, accumulating history, becoming a part of the history. It is an amazing process!

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