Russian Beer mug

USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    Urshelsky Glassworks

    Mug "ordinary Bar" 0.5 Ur.p. 92
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  • Mug beginning of the Brezhnev era, the most numerous in the Soviet Union. One of the varieties.
    20 facets.
    Weight - 580 grams.
    Height - 125 mm.
    Top diamrter - 100 mm.
    Bottom diameter - 70 mm.
    Code stigma - БЗ.
    Volume written in cm3.
    Stamp of the USSR was put after the 1993 disruption.


The peculiarity of this mug is that it was produced after the USSR disruption. But all the attributes - the verification mark, the volume designation, the sign of the manufacturer's factory by inertia are still present. In less than a year, nameless untrusted mugs of incomprehensible volume will begin to be produced. Lack of verification will start to use (I want to say "trade workers" by inertia , but the language does not turn) all those who rushed to make a profit. Photos 4, 5 and 6 are courtesy of dear carbonatser. On it, we see a mug no longer made of colorless glass, but a cinnamon bottle. Photo # 5 shows a brand where the master applied the number 2 in a mirror version, but this was of little concern to anyone. Photo No. 6 gives a comparison of the classic mug of 1983 from 1992. The form remained the same, no one looked at the color, at that time there was no time for it.


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