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Mug for beer. Side view.
  • # 407 #
    Plant Tarbeklaas, Tallinn, Estonia

    Lembit 0,5 L
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  • Mug is made on the plant Tarbeklaas, Tallinn in the 80s of the last century. The picture view on a mug - a high rim, tapering upwards. Below the rim common type of orthogonal ornament composed of right angles, combined in a continuous line, meander. . Volume determined experimentally, 0.5 liter to the rim.
    Polished bottom without inscription.
    A loading trait line – none. No indication of volume. No hallmark.
    Weight – 1000 grams.
    Height – 172 mm.
    Top diameter - 86 mm.
    Bottom diameter - 72 mm.


Bright and beautiful mug branded pubs. Such places in the Baltic States at the time was a lot. Available in three color schemes - red, green and smoky.

 "Lembit" (est. Lembit) - Estonian submarine, built in 1937 in the UK commissioned by the Estonian government. In 1940, the boat was a part of the Baltic Fleet of the USSR. Since 1979 - a museum ship in Tallinn. May 13, 1936 order of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of Estonia Lieutenant General Johan Laidoner number 92 was built under yard number 706 submarine was named Lembit. July 7, 1936 at 13 hours, 7 minutes "Lembit" was launched and transferred to Estonia. 

Godmother of the ship with the words: "I'll give you the name of Lembit. Let happy and successful activities will be yours. Bless the Lord, all who will to serve you." became the wife of the Estonian ambassador to the UK Schmidt Alice (Alice Schmidt). 

 Mug shaped like a submarine, where the handle symbolizes the wheelhouse.


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