Russian Beer mug

USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    SFK Plant, Latvia, Riga

    12 twisted facets 0,5L Latin SFK
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  • The inscription on the bottom: SFK. Bottom are polished.
    Tag filling level - a line inflicted by mechanical means. The inscription in Latin.
    Facets Form below rim - Arch.
    Weight - 520 grams.
    Height - 117 mm.
    Top diameter - 90 mm.
    Bottom diameter - 75 mm.


There are many mugs of this type with the stigma from 1946 to 1960. Judging by the bottom vibration ground, the quality of the glass and molding - similar to the European cup. However, some of these mugs are marked volume Cyrillic, Latin and part of what you do not have. Most likely, these mugs where made after the war in one of the European countries because our plants were destroyed during the war. Some of them managed to brand. Perhaps our plant on trophy forms.

Can be all of these types of mugs to name the type of "Stalin's empire". Specifically, this mug is made at the Riga factory, as evidenced by the stamps number of 86.


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