Russian Beer mug

USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    Unknown manufacturer

    LSPO 0.5L 21 crystals facet
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  • Facets form below rim - Arch. 21 facets. The inscription on the bottom: ''0.5 Л''. Filling level tag - no. Stigma is missing. The inscription in the cartouche - ''ЛСПО''.
    Weight - 850 grams.
    Height - 125 mm.
    Top diameter - 100 mm.
    Bottom diameter - 65 mm.


One of my favorite mugs. As for the form, and on the history. I think it is looking at this mug, designers from Goose - Crystal created "Recent crystals". And the story - "In 1922, the Soviet Union adopt a decision on the production of beer for the population and Petrograd unified consumer society  "ПЕПО" leases Kalinkinsky former brewery, which in 1922 gets a new name - the free Styopka Don Ataman Razin. Since 1924 - "ПЕПО" in connection with the renaming of the city on the Neva River gets a new name - the Leningrad Union of Consumer Societies (ЛСПО). it consisted of a few tens of cooperatives, the entire brewing industry. In 1940, the brewery Stёpki Razin became known officially - Stepan Razin. "The poster depicts exactly this mug. Therefore, given the lack of stigma and Filling level tag, year of production can be dated to the period of approximately -1925 - 1937.


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