Russian Beer mug

USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    SFK Plant, Latvia, Riga

    Green SFK, Latvia
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  • The inscription on the bottom: ''SFK''. The bottom polished.
    The fill level label is a mechanical trait. The figure on the lateral surface is two rows of 12 hexagons (honeycombs) in each row, approximately 2/3 of the height of the mug, passing in the last third into straight facets. Honeycombs are depressions in the side surface of the mug.
    The volume designation is 0.5 L in one of the cells in the first row.

    Weight - 740 grams
    Height - 117 mm
    Top diameter - 96 mm
    Bottom diameter - 73 mm.


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