Russian Beer mug

USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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    Artyomovskiy glass factory.

    Zhamchiki 0.5 L AGP 14 facets carved.
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  • The mug was made in 1973 at the Artyomovsk glass factory. Standard ''zhamchik'' 0.5 liters with a threaded pattern. Stamp number – ''ПЮ'', volume designations - 0.5 L, casting on the inside of the rim. But because of the pattern applied to the rim from the outside, it is very difficult to see the inscriptions. The filling line is a ledge on the rim.
    Weight - 650 grams
    Height - 133 mm
    Top diameter - 95 mm
    Bottom diameter - 85 mm


When we saw these mugs, we decided that they were modified to look like "crystal". But upon closer examination, we came to the conclusion that we were wrong in our assumptions. They are not "finished for crystal", they are actually crystal. The sound is radically different from the sound of their catering sisters. Long and melodic. And everything fell into place. Just a beer mug of 0.25 liters cost 29 kopecks, and 0.5 liters - 35 kopecks. And here, almost without any special costs, having slightly modified the mold and changing the composition of the glass, the cost of the product is already several rubles. Crystal in the USSR was held in high esteem. These mugs did not go to public catering, they were sold to the people. There are "carved zhamchiks" of other years and with other patterns.


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