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USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Beer mug. Side view.
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    1 KDO glass plant.

    12 straight edges 1 KDO 0.25 L. 1 shortened 1936
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  • The mug was made in 1936 at the glass factory named after the 1st Communist Volunteer Detachment, the village of Bolshaya Vishera, Novgorod Region. The mug has 12 straight facets. The facets are formed by triangular edges (12 pieces.) with a side of a triangle about 2 millimeters. The ribs come out of the top rim and reach the bottom of the mug. One of the ribs does not reach the 15 mm rim. Above it is the filling line, made by a grater. Designation of the volume of 0.25 liters on one of the side facets of the mug, made by casting. Verification stamp - etching on the rim. The hallmark code is 2 (Leningrad from 1931 to 1952). The inscription on the bottom in three rows - ''ЗАВ 1 КДО, Б ВИШЕРА, ОКТ. Ж Д'', read from above.
    Weight - 390 grams
    Height - 80 mm
    Top diameter - 89 mm
    Bottom diameter - 65 mm


There is a similar mug produced in 1937.


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