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Beer mug. Side view.
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    Vosstanie plant.

    9 straight facets Granchak 0.25 L. Vosstanie 1948
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  • The mug was made at the Vosstanie glass factory (Chudovo, Leningrad Region, now Novgorod Region) in 1948. The stigma is etching. The stamp number is 2 (Leningrad). Volume designation - 0.25 l (side molding), filling lines - line. The pattern on the mug has 9 straight facets without a rim. The inscription on the bottom - ''Восстание'' plant (read from above).


The appearance of this mug in the catalog has its own history. In 2017, we received such a letter from a well-known collector and respected specialist Igor Bragin. "Greetings. A mug was photographed from the computer of an employee of the Chudovsky plant museum. I did not see it in the catalog. Maybe the photo will be interesting for your catalog. The author is Yu.V. Zhuliev, he worked at the plant as the chief artist from 1964 to 1985 "And the photo, which you see at number 7, was attached. Several years passed, and such a mug appeared physically. But where did the photo come from on the computer - we don't know yet.


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