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USSR Beer Mugs

Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Beer mug. Side view.
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    Riga glass factory Kommunar.

    Green circles SFK 0.25 L.
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  • The drawing on the side surface is two rows of 12 ovals in each row, approximately 3/4 circles, turning into straight facets in the last quarter. The top row of ovals is 25x20 mm, the bottom row is 25x18 mm. The inscription on the bottom: SKF. The bottom is polished.
    The fill level mark is a mechanically applied line. Ovals - depressions in the side surface of the mug. Volume designation - 0.25 L cast on the bottom of the mug, read from above.
    Weight - 445 grams
    Height - 95 mm
    Top diameter - 82 mm
    Bottom diameter - 53 mm


To be completely accurate, then this particular mug does not have a designation of volume and a verification mark. And the last two photos 5 and 6 are taken from the Internet, where a similar mug has already been verified and there is a designation of volume. Here we can assume that these mugs (both in the volume of 0.5 and in the volume of 0.25 liters) were produced before the war. At that time, the requirements of Soviet GOSTs did not apply to them. In 1946, immediately after the war, mugs began to verify and apply the manufacturer's designation and volume. Most importantly, we know that these mugs were produced in the USSR. The designation of the SKF plant is the first attempts to come up with a logo, where "Kommunar" was placed between the words glass factories. This is common, the most striking example is Artyomov mugs. Where, even over time, the АСЗ was transformed into a САЗ. So the time of release of this mug is from the 30s to 1947. In photo 4 we see her with her older sister. Full match in glass color. Same decision in terms of form.


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