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Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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    Livansky glass factory

    Granchak Baltic 0.25 L slice LSF 1973
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  • Mug made at the Livansky glass factory in 1973.
    The view of the picture on the mug - 20 facets going down about 2/3 of the total height and turning into 10 facets, girded with four belts.
    The type of facets contact to the rim - a slice.Volume designation 025 L are made by casting on one of the facets. The fill level mark is a mechanical kerf on the rim of the mug.
    The verification stamp etched on the rim - done through a stencil. The code of the stamp “ОВ” (Daugavpils, 1967 - 1992). The manufacturer's designation on the bottom is made with the letters LSF in a double rhombus in the center of the bottom. Under the brand of the manufacturer - the price in Latin C 29 K.

    The mug is molded from four parts - 2 parts along the body of the mug + bottom and headband. Casting performed qualitatively.

    Top diameter - 76.5 mm
    Bottom diameter - 67.5 mm
    Height - 116,5 mm
    Weight - 415 grams


On the photo №6 the mug is shown in comparison with the mug №158. There adjoining to the rim - arch. And on the photo number 7 with his older sister number 435.


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