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Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
  • # 503 #
    1 KDO Glass factory

    LSPO 0.25 L notched medallion
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  • The mug has a cylindrical shape formed by 12 straight facets. In front of the mug there is a round toothed medallion with the abbreviation LSPO - Leningrad Union of Consumer Societies.
    The handle has a triangular shape. The bottom of the mug is concave inside. The form itself is qualitative, which cannot be said about the mass of glass. There are air bubbles in the glass, molded folds on the body of the mug.
    The volume designation is 0.25 l on the bottom, read from below. The drawing of the loading line is marked on the bezel, there is no stigma.

    Weight - 610 grams
    Height - 134 mm
    Top diameter - 73 mm
    Bottom diameter - 70 mm


In our catalog appeared another beer mug LSPO. It would seem so much more, but no, another elegant mug, in the amount of 0, 25 liters, the third one known to us. The peculiarity of this mug is the notched medallion, which was previously found only on the GPT mugs. Most likely, these mugs were made at the same time and the medallion either did not want to be removed or forgotten. In the photo number 7 and number 8 we see a comparison of different mugs. LSPO 0.25 l notched medallion, #450 LSPO 0.25 l. 1 KDO factory, #371 GPT 0.25 l. Mugs are almost identical. Considering that we have not met a single pre-war mug of the Vosstaniye factory of pre-revolutionary form in a volume of 0.25 liters, it can be assumed that they were produced at a 1 KDO glass factory. Like all mugs of the GPT. In confirmation of this, there are marked mugs "LSPO 0.25 l. 1 KDO factory".


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