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Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    "Vosstanie" plant

    24 faces Vosstanie of 0.5 liters 1937
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  • The mug was made in 1937 at the ''Vosstanie'' plant, the number of the mark of metrological calibration is 2 (No. 2 – Leningrad office). The filling line of the mug is marked with a kerf on the rim, the volume designation is 0.5 l molded on the side face. The drawing on the side surface - 24 convex straight edges, reaching approximately 2/3 of mug and turning into similar, but already directed upwards with a shift in half step. The transition pattern is isosceles triangles.

    Height - 105 mm
    Top diameter - 110 mm
    Bottom diameter - 72 mm
    Weight - 550 gr

    The inscription on the bottom - ''завод Восстание'', read from above. The bottom polished. Mold for casting consisted of three parts.


The photo number 8 shows examples of mugs produced at the glass factory "Vosstanie" in 1937 - 1938. Mugs have an original and beautiful pattern, different from the mugs of other glass factories. The second half of the 30s gives us the largest variety of shapes and patterns of beer mugs in the USSR. But gradually it will decrease until it comes to almost two forms - “Bar catering” and “Zhamchiki”.

There is also a pair for this mug in a volume of 0.25 liters.


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