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Beer and kvass mugs (1917 – 1991 years), not souvenir

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Mug for beer. Side view.
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    12 straight facets LZF 0.5 liters. 1937
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  • Mug made in 1937 at the Leningrad mirror factory (after the war - commonly known ЛЗХС). Drawing on the side - 12 straight facets separated by edges of triangular shape (12 pcs.). The ribs come from the upper rim and do not reach the bottom of the cup about 15 mm. One edge under the loading line, shorter than the others. It indicates - loading line here. Verification number stigma - 2 (Leningrad PU). Loading level dash line - the inscription on the rim, the designation of volume - 0.5 liters cast on the side of the facet.
    Height - 112 mm
    Top diameter - 103 mm
    Bottom diameter - 62 mm
    Weight - 596 grams
    The inscription on the bottom - ЛЗФ.


This beer mug is made at the Leningrad glass factory (LZF), one of the most interesting glass factories of the USSR. This is indicated by such names - artists Mukhina, A. Uspensky, N. Tyrsa, Ostroumov, L. Jürgen. With this plant are linked legends about the creation of the Soviet faceted glass, beer mug for bar. Here the classic Soviet carafe of water was created. Mug - a pair of 0.25 liters. №301. In shape it is completely similar to the mugs produced at the same time in other glass factories.


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